2016 Cameron Smedley and Michael Tayler

2016 Cameron Smedley and Michael Tayler

Minden Wild Water Preserve

WO Access and Preservation

36th Annual Gull River Open Canoe Slalom Race

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2012 AGM Meeting Package

Whitewater Ontario AGM:

Date:               November 3, 2012

Time:              10:30am – 1:30pm (** Please be early; the meeting will start promptly at 10:30am)

Location:        Burleigh Island Lodge
                       4719 Hwy. 28
                       Burleigh Falls , ON
(Directions: Heading north on 28 through Burleigh Falls, it is on the right immediately after crossing the bridge)

Special Note: The WO constitution is being updated to more accurately describe current WO practices. Once approved by the executive, a summary of the amendments will be made available to the membership in advance of the AGM and the revised constitution will be tabled for approval at the AGM.

Friday/Saturday night Accommodations:

  • If anyone wants to stay over, tenting is available at the Reeder residence across the street, or rooms can be reserved at the Lodge (Please book one week in advance if possible as this is off-season.):
  • 9 Motel rooms are available with 2 double beds each for a special flat rate of $100 plus tax for 1 to 4 people (if you mention WO AGM)
  • 11 extra Hotel rooms are available at a special rate of $120, but only if all of the motel rooms fill up first.
  • For reservations: Call Steve Halladay on his cell at 705-306-0514 (leave message)


KWP’s “Naked in November” Paddle/Party:

Date:              November 3, 2012

Time:              1:30pm

Location:       Burleigh Falls – Cale & Stephanie Reeder’s home

Everyone is also invited to a Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers’ event called “Naked in November”, which starts immediately after the AGM at Burleigh Falls. People will gather at Cale and Stephanie Reeder’s home directly across the street from the Burleigh Island Lodge. First there will be a regular paddle, followed by the annual ‘Naked Paddle’ at 3:00pm, then Dinner, KWP’s AGM, Movies, Party etc.  KWP invites all clubs and WO members to participate in this event, including the paddles, dinner, movies and party. There is even grass to pitch a tent if you want to stay over.

Download this file (2012 Annual Report - Communications Committee.pdf)2012 Communications Report[2012 Communications Committee Report]116 kB
Download this file (2012 WO Instruction Report.pdf)2012 Instruction Report[2012 Instruction Committee Report]53 kB
Download this file (Advocacy2012Report.pdf)2012 Advocacy Report[2012 Advocacy Committee Report]59 kB
Download this file (AGM Minutes 2011_minutes.doc)2011-10-22 AGM Minutes[2011 AGM Minutes]47 kB
Download this file (AGM REPRT 2012 MINDEN WILDWATER PRESERVE.pdf)2012 MWWP Report[2012 MWWP Committee Report]63 kB
Download this file (AGM.Agenda.12-revised.pdf)2012 AGM Agenda[2012 AGM Agenda]236 kB
Download this file (Membership 2012_Oct.31.12.pdf)2012 Membership Summary as at Oct.31.12[2012 WO Membership Summary Report as at October 31, 2012]38 kB
Download this file (WO AGM 2012 Treasurer report.pdf)2012 Treasurer's Report[2012 Treasurer's Report - also see Financial Statements attachment]293 kB
Download this file (WO Finance Oct.31.12 AGM.pdf)2012 Treasurer's Report-Financial Statements[2012 Interim Financial Statement as at Oct.31, 2012]65 kB
Download this file (WO President Role Description.pdf)WO President's Role[WO Role & Responsibilities of the WO President]74 kB
Download this file (WO.Report.2012.pdf)2012 President's Report[2012 WO President's Report]329 kB
Download this file (WOConstitution_Oct172012.pdf)WO Constitution Oct.17.12[WO Constitution revised Oct.17.12]92 kB
Download this file (WOEXECHandbook_Oct172012.pdf)WO Executive Handbook Oct.17.12[WO Executive Handbook revised Oct.17.12]102 kB

2012 Canadian Freestyle Team Trials registration is open!

For full details and registration, check the website:

If you are interested in helping out with the event as a volunteer, please see the 'Volunteer' tab on the website.

Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) Kayak Instructor Certification


CKC Whitewater Kayaking Instructor Program

The Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) Whitewater Kayak Instructor program is the nationally recognised certification for whitewater kayaking.

The CKC program is part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The NCCP is ran by the Coaching Association of Canada and offers qualifications in many different sports.

The program also operates in tandem with Paddle Canada qualifications - when you obtain a CKC qualification you automatically gain the equivalent Paddle Canada qualification.


The NCCP Kayaking qualifications are:

  • Pool Kayak Instructor – Qualifies instructor to lead a pool kayaking session. Ideal entry point for new instructors. No need to have a background in paddling. Well suited to lifeguards. Instructs the basics to new paddlers including propulsion, basic strokes and wet-exits.
  • Lake Kayak Instructor – Qualifies instructor to lead and instruct paddlers on lakes. Demonstrates and instructs rolling, edging and basic strokes to new paddlers to prepare them for whitewater.
  • River Kayak Leader 2 – Qualifies leader to lead intermediate paddlers down class 1-2 rivers.
  • River Kayak Instructor 2 –  Instructor instructs intermediate paddlers on class 1-2 rivers.
  • Whitewater Kayak Leader 3 – Qualifies leader to lead paddlers on class 3 whitewater.
  • Whitewater Kayak Instructor 3 – Instructor instructs advanced paddlers on class 3 whitewater.


Each qualification is a prerequisite for the next.

Paddlers must be 16 year of age to can gain trained status and 18+ to gain certified status.

To obtain an NCCP sport qualification all participants must pass the Making Ethical Decisions module, this can be taken online.


Ontario course dates for 2017 are as follows:

  • Pool and Lake Instructor                  June 3/4
  • Level 2 Leader/ Instructor                June 5-9
  • Level 3 Leader/Instructor                 June 19-23 (held on the Ottawa river)

All courses are organized by the Madawaska Kanu Centre.


The two-day Pool and Lake Instructor course is based at MKC but held on a local lake. Evaluation is held during the weekend.

The level 2 five day course combines both the leader and instructor qualifications into one course. The course is held on the Madawaska river and includes the end of course evaluation.

The level 3 course combines both the leader and instructor qualification along with the evaluation. The 5-day course is held on the Ottawa river and is based at the Owl Rafting Resort.


For further information about these courses contact the Madawaska Kanu Centre.

If you want to know more about how the CKC program works, or want to run a CKC course for your club, contact your WO Director of Instruction Andy Parry


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