2016 Cameron Smedley and Michael Tayler

2016 Cameron Smedley and Michael Tayler

Minden Wild Water Preserve

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36th Annual Gull River Open Canoe Slalom Race

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WO & PRR concerns with draft ER from Xeneca

Xeneca recently released a draft Environmental Assessment on the Petawawa Big Eddy Project. WO & PRR had a number of concerns which they have raised with Xeneca in the letter below and attached pdf.


To: Joanna Samson, Ministry of Natural Resources (Pembroke); Vikki Mitchell, Ministry of the Environment; Ernest Watson, Department of Fisheries & Oceans; Caroline Deary, Transport Canada; Mark Holmes, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs; Xeneca Power Development;

Cc: Vanessa Enskaitis, Xeneca Power Development; Bob Sweet, Mayor, Town of Petawawa; Kelly Williams, Parks & Recreation (Town of Petawawa); Brad Wipp, Petawawa River Rats; Wayne Donison, Whitewater Ontario – River Advocacy Committee


Hello All:

As a member of the regulatory community involved with the Big Eddy project, we are providing you - and the proponent - a short summary of our concerns. We are hopeful that these concerns will be noted, and the suggested corrective actions implemented and reflected in the final version of the ER as the process moves forward.

The draft Environmental Report (ER), recently made available via Xeneca Power Development Ltd, contains substantial amounts of information which our organizations consider as misleading, misrepresentative, unsubstantiated or simply inaccurate.  In addition, our organizations share a grave concern that the proposed compensatory measures fail to protect the recreational paddling community’s usage of the Petawawa River at Railroad Rapids (Big Eddy). 

In fact, the Environmental Report states clearly on Page 148: "Development of the dam will present a barrier to navigation and conflict with the traditional lifeways of communities."

On the following pages, we have indicated the relevant section and page from the draft Environmental Report along with a description of our concern. We ask that you consider our concerns when evaluating this document. In many cases, suggested corrective actions have been included.

As indicated in previous correspondence, our organizations remain firmly opposed to this project.  It represents a significant loss to the communities affected and the draft Environmental Report provides little evidence of suitable compensatory measures.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we would be happy to discuss with you



Philip Kompass, 36 Earl St, Petawawa, ON
Whitewater Ontario – River Advocacy Committee
613 633 1006 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      

Brad Wipp, 31 Country Lane, Petawawa, ON
Petawawa River Rats Executive
613 633 1687 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to access the letter


2013 Canadian National Whitewater Championships

Canadian National Whitewater Championships 2013 
The Canadian Whitewater Slalom and Downriver National Championships took place on August 3-4 on the Kananaskis River near Canmore, Alberta.  This year’s championship was christened “Year of the Flood” in recognition of the devastating floods that hit southern Alberta in June. Full credit goes to the race organizers in putting on this race in very challenging circumstances.
Although Ontario relinquished its three year hold on the Brian Creer Cup, our athletes were part of a National Championship with over 100 boats entered, a substantial increase from the past two years. It was great to see the large number of cadets and juniors which is an encouraging sign for both slalom and downriver.
Whitewater Ontario again has reason to be proud of the accomplishments of our athletes in the National Championships. Notable performances include the one-two punch of Jeremy Tian and Sheamus O’Connell who finished first and second place in Cadet K1 with only 1.20 seconds between the two. Jeremy also won the Cadet C1 with only a single touch on his second run.   Zach Zwanenburg and Liam Smedley finished 1-2 in Junior C1 with Zack also taking second place in K1.
Natasha O’Connell raced very well over the weekend and was named to the National Junior team which will be competing at the Junior & U23 World Championships in Australia in April 2014.
In Senior K1W Thea Froelich won her first National Championship in Senior K1W race with a blistering final run. Michael Tayler won the U23 K1 while John Hastings finished third in the K1M final. Cam Smedley retained his position as a Canada’s top C1 paddler closing in on the K1M’s times. Alexandra McGee came second in C1W.
Ontario had a great result in the Senior Men’s K1 Downriver Classic taking 4 of the top 5 positions.
Congratulations go out to the entire Ontario team. We had some terrific performances from our athletes and it was a very positive experience for everyone. Special congratulations to Liam Smedley who won the Podium Prospect Award which encourages Junior paddlers to compete in multiple disciplines. Junior and Cadet Coach Kathleen Tayler also did a great job of working with our up and coming paddlers preparing them very well for the national championships.
A big thank you to the many volunteers – parents and family members - from Ontario who contributed their time as judges on both competition days. It was greatly appreciated by the race organizers.
While we left the Brian Creer Cup back in Alberta, Ontario certainly showed its strength in a number of categories. With Nationals taking place in Ontario next year, we have a year to prepare and position our team to re-capture the cup on home territory.

Team Ontario
Leanne Colbeck
Roger Colbeck
Thea Froelich
John Hastings
Pam Hastings
Warren Hastings
Alexandra McGee
Andrew Musgrave
Ben Risk
Jeremy Tian
Natasha O’Connell
Sheamus O’Connell
Cam Smedley
Liam Smedley
Kathleen Tayler
Michael Tayler
Harold van Winssen
Ed Winnacott
Zachary Zwanenburg
The Alberta Whitewater Association has posted results from Day 2 on its website:
Jim Tayler
Whitewater Ontario

WO Promising Results from Liptovsky

Our four Whitewater Ontario athletes who reached the semi finals in the Junior and U23 World Championships in Liptovsky, Slovakia faced the stiffest slalom competition on the planet as they attempted to reach the top 10 final. This competition is the largest ICF Slalom race in history with over 500 athletes from 45 countries. Today's weather conditions were excellent and the large crowd was treated to some excellent racing.


2012 Olympian Michael Tayler finished 13th in the U23 K1 semi final with a strong race that was both clean and fast but missed the final by just 1.33seconds. The K1 category was extremely competitive and Michael's performance was indicative of his progress towards becoming a world class paddler. Our Canadian team will be cheering for former WO member Jiri Prskavec from the Czech Republic who finished 5th in the semi final and is a clear favourite to take gold.


Teammate Ally McGee also faced a competitive field in the U23 C1W semi final and finished a respectable 13th. There is a definite progress being made in this category and Ally has many reasons to be proud of her accomplishments at the worlds.


Cam Smedley had a sizzling run from top to bottom in the U23 C1 semi final. Looking strong and powerful, Cam had the raw speed which would have resulted in a 2nd place finish but 2 touches hurt his chance to getting into the final. Cam finished in 12th place but was still just over a second out of the final.


In the last semi final of the day, Liam Smedley was ready to take on the best junior C1 paddlers in the world. Unfortunately, Liam was awarded a 50 secondpenalty for missing a gate very early in the race but he still put in a great effort and finished the course solidly. Liam's entrance on to the world stagewas impressive and he has a great future ahead.


While Thea Froelich and Zack Zwanenburg did not make the semi finals in their respective categories, both of these Ontario athletes worked hard and gainedhuge amounts of experience in this large scale world championship. But we still have Team Races to complete and a few more chances to get on the podium.

 Congratulations to all of our Whitewater Ontario athletes competing in Liptovsky. We are looking forward to the Canadian National Slalom Championships that take place August 3-4 on Alberta's Kananaskis River.

Michael Tayler U23 K1M 13th Place

Michael Tayler


Ally McGee U23 C1W 13th Place

Ally McGee

Cam Smedley U23 C1M 12th Place

Cam Smedley

Liam Smedley Junior C1M 23rd Place

Liam Smedley

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