2012 Club Insurance Program – information package

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Revised April  2012

To download a copy of this application which you can then complete click here.

1. Background

Historically Whitewater Ontario (WO) has purchased insurance to provide both general commercial liability insurance and sport accident insurance for WO and its member clubs when conducting and participating in sanctioned activities. Sanctioned activities are specific events where a club has formally requested that WO sanction the event – e.g. King of Clubs, a slalom race or freestyle competition. However, many club members are recreational and do not participate in formal competitions or events and thus received no benefit from insurance, even though WO remits premiums for all members.

This insurance did not previously extend to other club level activities, such as river runs, introductory programs, etc. To secure insurance coverage for such “recreational” activities, clubs were previously required to purchase a separate club recreational policy, which our insurance broker has advised clubs are able to acquire at a lower cost, as WO member clubs than they could do if purchasing insurance independent of WO’s umbrella coverage. Many clubs operated without this additional insurance.

To address this lack of coverage, WO has negotiated a new arrangement with our insured under which WO will extend its association level coverage to all club activities by formally sanctioning a schedule of ongoing recreational activities being conducted by member clubs. This coverage is being provided at no additional cost to clubs, beyond the existing WO member fees.

2. Details of Club Insurance program

The club insurance program will provide the following type and level of coverage:

Commercial General Liability

This coverage will pay those sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of bodily injury to or damage to property of others, such as spectators, passers-by, property owners and others resulting from your operations or actions. Coverage includes your legal liability for injury to participants. Most General Liability policies contain an exclusion, which excludes suits resulting from participants who are injured while participating in a sporting activity.  The coverage provided, also includes Injury to Participants that result from your association, member clubs, or individual members negligence.

The Policy includes at no additional cost, Additional Insured’s, such as Municipalities, Government Departments, Sponsors and Owners of the Facilities in whose name you have agreed to provide insurance for their vicarious liability arising out of your operations.

Errors & Omissions/Directors & Officers (Wrongful Acts) Liability Coverage

This coverage protects the directors & officers, executives, employees and volunteers for consequences of their actions against suits alleging “wrongful acts”.   * NEW for 2012 - This coverage is now automatically included for each registered member club.

Sport Accident Coverage

Provides coverage for “out of pocket expenses” due to an insured member who has sustained an injury while participating in a Sanctioned or Supervised Activity.   This coverage is applicable in Canada.  Coverage also applies to scheduled practices or training at site of competition.  This coverage is secondary to any other heath care plan(s).

This coverage will provided for all approved sanctioned activities carried out in compliance with WO safety and risk management policy for clubs that are full Club Members of WO. “Club Members” shall mean a group or person who has fully paid all dues and fees and is in good standing with all requirements of Whitewater Ontario and the Provincial Governing Body.

3. Applying for coverage of club recreational activities.

In order for the General Liability and Sport Accident coverage to be in place, the club must be a club in good standing having paid the club base fee ($25) plus the individual member fees in accordance with the current WO member fee schedule for all club members)

The club must complete and submit an Application for Insurance and certified Sanctioning Agreement, including:

1.  A complete list of planned club activities that the club wishes to have sanctioned. This can include all whitewater related instructional, competitive and recreational activities over the year. The coverage period is from April 1 to March 31st each year.

2.  A copy of the clubs safety and risk management plan to be used for events and river trips;

3.  A list of instructors/trip leaders deemed competent by the club Board.

Ideally applications for coverage should be provided prior to commencement of paddling season and allow 30 days for WO review.

Once received, the WO sanction committee will review the list of proposed activities and safety procedures and confirm or adjust the list of activities. The list should be as comprehensive as possible, however if additional events are added by the club during the year, these can be added by notifying the WO office and ensuring compliance with safety procedures.

The club must sign a sanctioning agreement which will include the list of approved activities and recognized qualified instructors/trip leaders and certify that the club will exercise safety and due diligence in conducting the events and will follow the clubs safety plan and WO risk management policy.

The club must maintain a log of sanctioned formal activities and all such activities must be approved by the club’s board executive in advance; ad hoc activities conducted without approved leaders will not be eligible for coverage.

At minimum, all sanctioned activities must be conducted in the presence of appropriately qualified and certified coaches, instructors or trip leaders. The absence of supervision at any event will nullify that event from being a sanctioned activity and WO will not support the club in any claim arising from said event.

4. Defining appropriately qualified supervision:

Ideally instructors or trip leaders should be certified under the CKC/Paddle Canada L2I2 certification, or equivalent NCCP certification. WO recognized that this new certification was only introduced in 2010 and it will take a few years for club instructors/trip leaders to acquire this certification. WO recommends that instructors/trip leaders acquire this new certification but it is not yet a mandatory requirement.

Where instructors or trip leaders have not yet completed this formal certification, they should be experienced paddlers with a level of skill in whitewater paddling and safety deemed by the club’s board of directors to provide a level of competence. Level of expertise and competence should be related to the level of difficulty of the whitewater event being undertaken.

At the beginning of each paddling season the club will conduct a trip leaders briefing and skills assessment and retain a list of authorized trip leaders (which can be amended through the year).

5. Participation in sanctioned activities

All participants in any sanctioned activity must either be club members or must pay day of event fee ($5) for any drop in participants in such events. Full members must execute a waiver at annual membership renewal; day of event participants must sign waivers at the event.

Clubs will forward member information on a quarterly basis along with the associated WO fees for new members and day event participants during that quarter

6. Examples of information to be included in sanctioning application/Agreement

A. Event Details


Event Name: Annual Ottawa River Trip                     Date: July 15 and 16, 2011

Event Location: Ottawa River Beachburg (River Run)

Event Organizer: John Doe President and Trip Leader

Event Details (Number of paddlers, trip leaders, river difficulty, etc.): Approximately 20 paddlers from our club participate in the Ottawa River Trip. We paddle both Middle and Main Channel and do some Park and Play. We stay at local Rafting Resort River Run. There will be approximately 5 River leaders on the water when we paddle.


Event Name: Weekly River Trips                        Date: Every Wednesday evening and Sunday Morning

Event Location: Elora Gorge (Elora Section)

Event Organizer: Jane Doe Club Event Coordinator and occasionally Trip Leader

Event Details (Number of paddlers, trip leaders, river difficulty, etc.):

The club meets weekly at designated location and time to do a paddle of the Elora Gorge throughout the paddling season (March to November). Paddler participation and river difficulty is dependent on water levels and weather. During higher flows (spring) trip leaders will ensure that proper safety measures are in place before paddling. Trip Leaders will be determined before the paddling event based on number of paddlers that attend.

B. Club Trip Leader/Instructor Details:

Example 1:

Trip Leader Name: John Doe

Address: 1234 Pine St. Toronto Ont. A1B 2C3

Contact: Ph.555-5555                             Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Years Paddling: 6    Leader up to what Whitewater Class: Class 4

Certification & Experience: John has been certified under WO Instructor 2 / Leader 2 program in 2010. Has also completed a swift water rescue course through Esprit in 2008. Before that, John has taken many formal courses through reputable paddling companies. John has also assisted in instructional paddling through Palmer Fest.

Example 2.

Trip Leader Name: Jane Doe

Address: 5678 Maple St. Toronto Ont. A1B 2C3

Contact: Ph. 555-5551                  Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Years Paddling: 12                   Leader up to what Whitewater Class:Class 3

Certification & Experience: Jane has been paddling for 12 years. Although no formal training she is experienced in many areas of whitewater paddling. Jane has good leadership skills, safety knowledge and gives direction well. Jane has no issues with being responsible for paddlers. Jane has a thorough knowledge of the rivers that the Club paddles and in the past Jane has guided several groups down the local rivers. Although Jane in a competent Class 4/5 boater she will only be guiding Club Trips with a river difficulty of Class 3 or less.

Since the application may take place prior to beginning of paddling season, the club may submit interim membership fee payment. Any subsequent new members can be added and fees remitted on a scheduled basis through the season, but any new members must be club members with the WO fee held in trust by the club pending next scheduled reporting of membership.




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