2016 Kayak Instructor Certification

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Kayak Instructor Certification

 The biggest impediment to growing our Sport of whitewater kayaking is a ‘bad instructor’, Ken Whiting, world kayak champion

 Becoming a Whitewater Kayak Instructor is a responsibility to the sport.  It starts with a desire to share a passion for running rivers  and understanding the risks involved.   It is about facilitating the most effective means of transferring your knowledge to your students and building a learning environment that sees your students excel.   Paddling is an individual sport, but paddling whitewater is never done alone.  These are important messages for your students to understand.

 2016 Courses:  MKC

June 18/19 – Lake/Level 1 Kayak Instructor

June 20-22 – Leader 2/ Instructor 2

June 23/24 – Leader 3/Instructor 3

June 25- Instructor 2 evaluation with real students

June 26 – Instructor 3 evaluation with real students

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