2017 Letter from Dave Gillespie & Eric Betteridge

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Letter from Dave and Eric - 2017

 Welcome to Whitewater Ontario, the Provincial Kayak and Canoe Association. 

 As President and Vice President, we are proud to share that the 500 members and Board of Directors are made up of paddlers interested in paddling rivers in kayaks, canoes, rafts, and SUPs.  Through the programs run via WO clubs, and WO event organizers, men, and women, juniors, and adults paddle rivers together under the guidance of trip leaders, instructors, and competitive coaches.  

 A "whitewater paddler" is not simply defined by what they wear or what type of boat they paddle.  A paddler is defined by "one who is passionate about the thrill, the fitness, the focus, the serenity, and camaraderie found on a flowing river".  

 Depending on your interest, there is probably someone in the group who shares your interest, be it new to paddling, and asking for river playspots, teaching classes, competing in slalom or freestyle, camping, running small rivers in Ontario or big rivers in Canada or USA, and protecting them.   

 We support our members as part of Canoe Kayak Ontario, and Canoe Kayak Canada, and therefore organize events and competitions, sanction recreational events under specific criteria.  We certify instructors, provide liability insurance and sport accident insurance, and promote various paddling events that support healthy paddling lifestyle. 

 WO also manages a private campground, clubhouse, and are caretakers of a section of whitewater rapids by Minden in Central Ontario.  The Minden Whitewater Preserve is Canada's first artificially enhanced river, with boulders rocks moved to create ideal paddling areas.    

 Please scour this website for club links, the river-wiki database, links to videos and other helpful information.  Then reach out to our part-time office person Donna Boadway, or any Director with their specific portfolio, or post your question on our Facebook page linked here. www.facebook.com/whitewaterontario

Of all things you will find out about our whitewater paddling members, we believe in the simple philosophy: "Get Out and Paddle"

 In Service,

 David Gillespie              Eric Betteridge
 Peterborough                  Ottawa

WO President                 WO Vice President

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