2015 WO Proposed Constitutional Revisions

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Whitewater Ontario

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

October 13th, 2015


Background and rationale:

Whitewater Ontario revised its constitution in 2012 and the governance model in that document reflects the Forward Strokes Strategic Planning initiative which commenced in January 2008 and is due for its own review and revision.

In order to more accurately reflect the current reality of WO’s volunteer base and to improve the decision-making capacity of the board, an adjustment to the organization’s governance model is necessary. Some positions that are listed in the 2012 Constitution are either no longer relevant and/or have not been filled due to the scarcity of volunteers. 

The proposed governance model addresses both of these issues and also adds further opportunities for individuals to be voting members of the WO board.

I have respectfully submitted the proposed amendments to the WO Board for their review and support.

Our membership will have the opportunity to approve the amendments at the Whitewater Ontario Annual General Meeting on November 14th.

Please follow the link indicated below to access the proposed revisions.

2015 AGM Package


Jim Tayler


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