2016 Victor Starts the Fix-the-Gull Project


The project to return the Gull River to its pre-flood condition is underway.

Victor Ettel is a local paddler who has seen the deterioration to his favourite  paddling spot over 15 years with flows jumping from seasonal 10-30cms to well over 60cms.  This spring Victor was the first person to step forward and say he wanted to help.

Meetings with local paddlers and people who had done previous work carried on the process started by canoeist Dennis McGee in 2014.   We have taken his extensive mapping of all the eddies and walls moved, and added more instructional and group improvements.

The contractor, Bryan Kernoghan, estimates the full repairs with heavy machinery, materials, and a few improvements will come to $50,000.  

Due to the magnitude of the work, we are targeting a 3 year action plan.  Whitewater Ontario is committing $15,000, which leaves $35,000 to fundraise among paddlers, grants, and organizations who use the Gull.

Recently Dave Gillespie of Whitewater Ontario sat down for an interview with Victor.  

DG:  Hi Victor, thanks for stepping forward.

VE:  No problem.  This project is worth it.

DG: How long have you been paddling?

VE:  60 years by now (I know it doesn’t show…)

DG:  What does paddling at the Gull River mean to you?

VE:  It is a lifestyle, especially after retirement – paddling with similar  friends and sometimes sharing a beer afterwards... I know of no other pastime (other than skiing in the winter) that I would want to do instead.


DG:  The Minden WildWater Preserve was constructed over 35 years ago, hosting thousands of people paddling whitewater, fishing, walking, taking wedding photos, and enjoying the river.    For what reasons do you support this next phase of river changes?

VE:  Both selfish and unselfish reasons. I want to keep paddling as long as I can, but also want to preserve this unique place for the enjoyment of the future generations, including my own grandkids and friends. 

DG:  What would you like to see done?

VE:  Well I have thought a lot about these things to fix....

  1. Improved takeout at the bottom.  Its too unstable on RL and RR.
  2. Repair the displaced walls with a better design.  (e.g. the breached wall opposite the kissing bridge). 
  3. Reposition the underwater bars (Earl’s) 
  4. Returning the gravel below the falls back to where it came from (the put-in) 
  5. If possible, make the wall by pond - more flat and easier to walk on.   
  6. Talk to camps.  They bring lots of new young people here.


DG:  In conclusion, what could you say to someone who paddles at the Gull River?

VE:   If you have enjoyed this wonderful sport, the people, and this "Jewel of a river" - join me - let's make it a good place again.




Victor has generously donated $2000 to kickstart the Paddler Fundraising to the Fix-the-Gull Project.  All donations are assigned to "river work" only.   

Next step is to present our proposal for RR Township property to the Minden Hills Township council meeting - Thursday July 28.  10AM.  Their approval paves the way for the MNR application.

In the next update on the Fix-the-Gull Project, we will have the status of permits, and fundraising opportunities for the project's $35k.  



2015 Restricted Accesss to the Gull River (Jun 10 to end of July)

Restricted access to Gull River (June 10th the end of July)

 For paddlers planning to visit the Gull River at the Minden Wildwater Preserve we wish to advise on the following restrictions.

TO2015 has commenced construction of various temporary installations at the Gull River in preparation for the Pan-AM Canoe slalom events July 18-19th As result there are some restrictions on access, especially from river right and Harrington park.

Commencing June 10th most of River right trails and access will be blocked with construction fencing in order to comply with Ministry of Labour construction zone safety requirements.

In order to ensure ongoing paddler access, Whitewater Ontario has negotiated continued access to the river from river left, through the Minden Wildwater Preserve camping area and trail.

Paddlers may park at the Roger Parsons centre and use the lateral river trail to put in/takeout at the dam, below horseshoe falls and at the lake though to July 7th.

From July 7th through July 24th there will be no river access other than for accredited athletes and officials. TO2015 will endeavor to complete removal of installations as quickly as possible, following the slalom events

In addition, camping at the preserve will continue to be available until July 7th but is restricted to the meadows area in front of the RPC building. 

2015 MWWP Annual Spring Cleanup

 "Getting Spruced Up for Pan Am"

Minden Wild Water Preserve Annual Spring Clean-up Day, May 2, 2015  (10 am - ?)

Here's your chance to get up close and personal with the Minden Wild Water Preserve after a long, cold winter, before our National Team Trials and the Pan-Am Canoe-Kayak Slalom event take place. Come out to see the new Roger Parson's Centre, meet your colleagues and WO Board members and give a helping hand to keep your facility the jewel of the north that it is !  This wil be an exciting year and your hlep for the day is really needed to make it successful. All you'll need to bring is your energy, work gloves and rake. We'll provide lunch and free weekend camping for helpers and those who wish to stay overnight and paddle on Sunday. Hope to see many of you on May.2.

Special MWWP Update for 2015

Please follow the link to the Special MWWP Update for 2015. There is information on the following:

1. MWWP Spring Clean Up

2. TO2015 and WO Use of MWWP in 2015

3. MWWP Pan Am Venue Map

4. Revised Camping Registration Process & Campground Rules

5. Rental, Use & Occupation of the Roger Parsons Centre for 2015

WO Members will need show proof of current membership (2015) in order to camp at the Preserve for the reduced member rate and to register for WO sanctioned events (HOHW, King of Clubs etc). It is paramount that WO clubs submit their membership to WO early in the season and before these events take place. All WO members receive an electronic membership card upon receipt of membership dues.

2015 Special MWWP Update for 2015


 Winter's back has been broken! Spring is around the corner. But like our parents told us, "before the fun must come a bit of work".

 Do you care about your summer camping and paddling experience this year? The environment you recreate in? Want to help make the Minden Wild Water Preserve "the place to be"? Wish to make a difference? Then come out on Saturday May 2 for our official Spring Clean-Up Day @ at the Minden Wild Water Preserve. The helping hands of many volunteers are needed to get YOUR park ready for the 2015 camping and paddling season. This will also be an opportunity to view the newly renovated and modernized Roger Parson's Centre in advance of the Pan Am Canoe Kayak Slalom event to be held at the Preserve in July. So, get involved. Give us whatever time you can. Come out to meet your colleagues. Share the experience with us. Just bring your energy (and paddling gear for later). Oh, and work gloves and rakes too!

 Pizza lunch provided. As always, volunteers will have free camping for the weekend.

 MWWP Committee





For the purpose of hosting the Pan Am canoe-kayak slalom event in 2015, Whitewater Ontario and TO 2015 have entered into a Facility Agreement which demarcates certain areas of the Preserve for exclusive or shared use.

 “Section A” (Venue Map) covers most of the rear/interior campground area from the pay-box kiosk to rear of campground, north of the access road. TO2015 will have exclusive use of this area during the period from June 10, 2015 to August 15, 2015, for the installation of all trailers, structures, equipment, other appurtenances, modifications and property to support the functional requirements of the Games (“Overlay”).

“Section B “ covers the Roger Parson's Centre and the 'meadows' camping area immediately in front of the building across the parking lot. This will be a shared use area, where WO will continue to have use for camping (in the meadow) and full use of the Roger Parson's Centre for rentals and our own use, and use by Boatwerks, for the full summer, except from July 7th to July 24th (24th is approx.). From July 7 to 24 for security reasons, the entire Preserve will be off limits to everyone except those with accredited authorization. 

There will be some restricted parking to ensure access and egress of vehicles with overlay equipment. There will be 4 spots outside the RPC for WO and Boatwerks. For tent camping in the meadow area, only parallel parking on sites adjoining main road opposite RPC is permitted. Due to space and accessibility constraints in this area, it will be difficult to accommodate campers/trailers.

TO2015 also has non-exclusive use of all areas of the Preserve from July 20th through to August 15th for the purpose of removing the Overlay. However the Agreement does state that TO2015 will make commercially reasonable efforts to turn additional campsites back to Whitewater prior to August 15, 2015. Access to additional camping areas may be available at an earlier time.

As compensation for inconveniences this summer, upon showing proof of current membership (2015), WO members only will receive free camping at the MWWP during the periods June10 to July 8 and July 20 to 30, 2015.

Venue Map



Effective 2015, a revised registration procedure for camping at the Preserve will come into effect:

  • All campers must first STOP at the Registration kiosk and complete the registration form and make payment before entering the campground.
  • All Whitewater Ontario members must note their membership #'s on the pay envelope and prominently display their membership cards in the windshield of their vehicle. (Membership cards are issued electronically via e-mail from the WO office when an individual has paid their membership for the year.). Staff will monitor vehicles/campers for compliance. Failure to display the card will require the payment of “non-member” rates.


The Preserve's campground which has 2 main camping areas, is well marked with signs, benches and fire pits. The campground and facilities is for the use of Whitewater Ontario members and their guests. To ensure the long term use and sustainability of the grounds for the enjoyment of visitors and protection of the environment, the following rules apply at all times and will be strictly monitored for compliance:


  • Upon entering the grounds, all campers must first stop at the kiosk, register their vehicle, deposit camping fees and prominently display registration # following the instructions provided.
  • A Camper/Trailer Only area has been designated at the end of the interior road
  • Camping is not permitted beyond the designated areas/property boundaries
  • Quiet hours throughout the campground are from 11pm to 8am
  • Generators may only be used from 8 am to 7pm and in a safe, non flammable area
  • Campground speed limit is 10 Kph. Watch for children!
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times and poop and scoop rule applies
  • Campers must pack out all garbage and recyclables. The dumpster is off limits to non RPC renters
  • Cutting of trees and bushes is prohibited. Removal of natural objects is not permitted. This includes removal of growth and gathering of flora, fauna.
  • Fire pits are not to be moved from present locations; campfires must be attended at all times
  • Possession or use of fireworks is prohibited at all times. They are a fire hazard and disturb other visitors
  • Sleeping in the screened porch/deck is prohibited
  • Washing of dishes in any washroom is prohibited
  • The deck area and porch are for the use of all campers and renters of the RPC
  • Maximum stay for camping is up to14 consecutive days, after which the premises must be vacated for a minimum of 7 days before returning. 

Failure to comply with these rules or directions from WO staff may result in immediate eviction and/or prohibition from the property. Use of the Preserve property and facilities is a privilege, not a right. Respect the environment and rights of other campers





To protect Whitewater Ontario's substantial investments in, and to ensure the long term sustainability of the Minden Wild Water Preserve, the following policies governing the use and rental of the property, buildings and campground will apply:

Roger Parson's Training Centre

The Minden Wild Water Preserve which includes the Roger Parson's Training Centre (RPC) is owned and operated by Whitewater Ontario (WO). The Centre has been completely renovated, modernized and refurbished in 2014/15. The upstairs (second floor) of the Centre is available for day or weekend rental by WO members and non-members (public, groups, organizations). It features a main group meeting-eating hall equipped with tables and padded folding chairs, 8 office chairs, internet/wi-fi, 50 in. Smart TV, Blu Ray player, flip chart, chalk board; a fully equipped modern kitchen; enclosed vestibule with chair and desk; two unisex washrooms; and is fully handicap accessible, including lift system. The hall's maximum user capacity is 100 persons. The ground floor washrooms, outdoor rinse station, porch, deck and outdoor dish washing area are for the use of WO members and guests.

Rental Fees and Rules - General

  • Day Use - $125.00 for members or $150.00 for non-members. Day use only refers to daytime use and does not include overnight use unless the following day is also rented. Overnight sleeping is not permitted in the building.
  • Weekend Use - Friday evening to Sunday evening: $200.00 for members or $250.00 for non-members. Overnight sleeping is not permitted.
  • Holiday weekends - Friday evening to Monday evening: $250.00 for members or $300.00 for non-members. Overnight sleeping is not permitted.
  • All rentals are subject to $200.00 security deposit. The deposit is non-refundable if significant damage occurs or fixtures/appliances are damaged and or missing. Damage in excess of $200 will be charged against the renter. The deposit will be lost if keys are not returned at the end of rental period.
  • When rental includes use of the kitchen for food preparation-cooking purposes, an additional deposit of $100.00 must be paid in advance and will be refunded if the kitchen is left clean and in good order.
  • Deposits will be refunded one week following rental period.

NOTE: 1. For special group/function or week long rates please contact the Whitewater Ontario office at 1.888.322.2849 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

             2. Camping fees are always additional to Building Rental.

Whitewater Ontario Events (eg Slalom races, Team Trials, Andrew Westlake Memorial etc)

Whitewater Ontario hosts - sanctions a number of weekend and/or weekday events throughout the summer often involving out of province participants and where the RPC is utilized as a base of operations. Group organizers of these WO sanctioned events are not required to pay a rental fee for use of the facility but are subject to the following rules:

Any Group (including all sanctioned WO events) using the RPC kitchen for cooking group meals* and using the meeting hall, are required to post a deposit of $100 for clean up of the building. Such deposit is to be submitted to the office at time of booking and is refundable only if the facility is left clean and in good repair. Group organizers will also be responsible for any damages, repairs or replacement costs. Groups are subject to the same 'rental and use rules' noted in this policy. Additionally,

Group Organizers Must:

  • confirm the membership affiliation of participants (e.g. WO or Provincial Sport Organization)
  • collect camping fees at the time of Event Registration
  • clearly separate event registration fees from camping fees, and
  • submit payment directly to the WO office

*Note: Kitchen use is meant to be in support of the event (i.e., group meals, banquets, etc.) It is not for the use of individual participants or campers.


Additional Rules for Use of the Roger Parson's Centre

Overnight sleeping in the RPC is strictly forbidden. The building is not a dormitory. All outside footwear and wet clothing must be removed and left in the foyer.

Dishes must not be washed in the washroom sinks.

Any renter having accessibility requirements/needs must advise the WO office at the time of booking.

The secure lift system may only be used by authorized WO personnel, and renters having accessibility requirements if prearranged at the time of booking.

Once a rental agreement has been signed and deposits made, instruction will be provided on access to the building.

Failure to comply with any of the preceding may result in cancellation of the rental, non refund of any deposit and/or prohibition from future rental of the facility.

For all rental/booking information, please contact the Whitewater Ontario office at 1.888.322.2849 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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