2015 Restricted Accesss to the Gull River (Jun 10 to end of July)

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Restricted access to Gull River (June 10th the end of July)

 For paddlers planning to visit the Gull River at the Minden Wildwater Preserve we wish to advise on the following restrictions.

TO2015 has commenced construction of various temporary installations at the Gull River in preparation for the Pan-AM Canoe slalom events July 18-19th As result there are some restrictions on access, especially from river right and Harrington park.

Commencing June 10th most of River right trails and access will be blocked with construction fencing in order to comply with Ministry of Labour construction zone safety requirements.

In order to ensure ongoing paddler access, Whitewater Ontario has negotiated continued access to the river from river left, through the Minden Wildwater Preserve camping area and trail.

Paddlers may park at the Roger Parsons centre and use the lateral river trail to put in/takeout at the dam, below horseshoe falls and at the lake though to July 7th.

From July 7th through July 24th there will be no river access other than for accredited athletes and officials. TO2015 will endeavor to complete removal of installations as quickly as possible, following the slalom events

In addition, camping at the preserve will continue to be available until July 7th but is restricted to the meadows area in front of the RPC building. 

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