Special MWWP Update for 2015

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Please follow the link to the Special MWWP Update for 2015. There is information on the following:

1. MWWP Spring Clean Up

2. TO2015 and WO Use of MWWP in 2015

3. MWWP Pan Am Venue Map

4. Revised Camping Registration Process & Campground Rules

5. Rental, Use & Occupation of the Roger Parsons Centre for 2015

WO Members will need show proof of current membership (2015) in order to camp at the Preserve for the reduced member rate and to register for WO sanctioned events (HOHW, King of Clubs etc). It is paramount that WO clubs submit their membership to WO early in the season and before these events take place. All WO members receive an electronic membership card upon receipt of membership dues.

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