New WO Mission Statement

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As previously posted, fifteen Whitewater Ontario members brought their passion, interest, and commitment to Minden this past weekend and collectively worked together to accomplish a significant start in the re-birth of our organization. They were focussed and attentive, and the discussions were passionate but always respectful and with the intent of moving the process forward.


Below you will find the result of five hours of focussed attention to building a stronger Whitewater Ontario. The one sentence below came about through a process that emphasized participation, compromise, consensus, understanding, and growth. The new mission statement has been endorsed by the Whitewater Ontario executive.

Whitewater Ontario is a volunteer-driven organization uniting, supporting, and sustaining the inclusive development of the whitewater paddling community and resources.

We have tentatively scheduled Part II for Saturday, January 26th for the next step in the WO Strategic Planning process. Again watch for further details.

Jim Tayler
VP Communications
Whitewater Ontario

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