WO Promising Results from Liptovsky

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Our four Whitewater Ontario athletes who reached the semi finals in the Junior and U23 World Championships in Liptovsky, Slovakia faced the stiffest slalom competition on the planet as they attempted to reach the top 10 final. This competition is the largest ICF Slalom race in history with over 500 athletes from 45 countries. Today's weather conditions were excellent and the large crowd was treated to some excellent racing.


2012 Olympian Michael Tayler finished 13th in the U23 K1 semi final with a strong race that was both clean and fast but missed the final by just 1.33seconds. The K1 category was extremely competitive and Michael's performance was indicative of his progress towards becoming a world class paddler. Our Canadian team will be cheering for former WO member Jiri Prskavec from the Czech Republic who finished 5th in the semi final and is a clear favourite to take gold.


Teammate Ally McGee also faced a competitive field in the U23 C1W semi final and finished a respectable 13th. There is a definite progress being made in this category and Ally has many reasons to be proud of her accomplishments at the worlds.


Cam Smedley had a sizzling run from top to bottom in the U23 C1 semi final. Looking strong and powerful, Cam had the raw speed which would have resulted in a 2nd place finish but 2 touches hurt his chance to getting into the final. Cam finished in 12th place but was still just over a second out of the final.


In the last semi final of the day, Liam Smedley was ready to take on the best junior C1 paddlers in the world. Unfortunately, Liam was awarded a 50 secondpenalty for missing a gate very early in the race but he still put in a great effort and finished the course solidly. Liam's entrance on to the world stagewas impressive and he has a great future ahead.


While Thea Froelich and Zack Zwanenburg did not make the semi finals in their respective categories, both of these Ontario athletes worked hard and gainedhuge amounts of experience in this large scale world championship. But we still have Team Races to complete and a few more chances to get on the podium.

 Congratulations to all of our Whitewater Ontario athletes competing in Liptovsky. We are looking forward to the Canadian National Slalom Championships that take place August 3-4 on Alberta's Kananaskis River.

Michael Tayler U23 K1M 13th Place

Michael Tayler


Ally McGee U23 C1W 13th Place

Ally McGee

Cam Smedley U23 C1M 12th Place

Cam Smedley

Liam Smedley Junior C1M 23rd Place

Liam Smedley

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