Fix The Gull

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Welcome to the “Fix - The - Gull” project.  


For the past 40 years, the Minden Whitewater Preserve has been the site of numerous whitewater kayak and canoe events, and most recently the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games, however it was also the site of major floods in 2014 and 2016.  The erosion of shoreline, disintegration of eddy walls, movement of boulders into mid-river, and long term erosion of canoe/kayak “put-ins” and “takeout” paths – have taken their toll on the paddling experience. 


The Fix-The-Gull rehabilitation is about to get underway. 


A comprehensive application for work permits has been submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources for work over a 3 year period. Starting in 2017, the project work will be focused on high use areas and safety issues, such as the takeout, teaching areas @ washout, and stairs.

Overall the project will cost an estimated $45,000.  


·       In its first year of fundraising, Whitewater Ontario has raised $15,000 from WO membership fees, contracts with partners, and camping fees.  Private donors from the paddling community have raised $5000. That puts $20,000 in the bank ready to use.

 ·       That leaves the project in need of $25,000. 

We can’t do this on our own.   The Gull River needs your help.  As a river user, you and I have a role to play to make it better for our own use, our kids, our paddling friends, and in the case of commercial organizations – they are on board for their campers and paddling clients using over the years.


The common denominator – we all love the Gull River and want to Fix The Gull.  




  •     $50 pays for a sweeper tree to be cut and removed 
  •   $100 pays for a rock to be moved
  •   $500 pays for a eddy wall to be rebuilt.
  • $1000 pays for 1 step of armour stone to go in at the washout.


As a sign of our investment in the venue, we are enhancing the MWP camping experience with the following upgrades in 2017.  These are separate from this fundraising campaign and will be financed by camping fees. 

For example

·       new trail signage 

·       more new benches for viewing

·       Online Camping Permits

·       E-Transactions on site with our Weekend Host and Summer Staff

·       lighting on the preserve

·       working showers

·       Campsite Modifications for Physically-challenged campers


Learn more at our booth at the REEL Paddling Film Festival hosted by Algonquin Outfitters Boatwerks – June 9 in Haliburton.

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