Competitive Downriver

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Fastest time downstream from start to finish of a 2 - 10km stretch of whitewater.  Boats are designed for speed, longer, with a v-shaped hull.

Events happen mainly in the Springtime as natural flows occur on our rivers.

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Download this file (2015 humber river downriver race outline.doc)2015 Humber River Race[2015 Humber River Race Details]31 kB
Download this file (2015 Moira River Derby Outline.doc)2015 Moira River Race[2015 Moira River Race Details]27 kB
Download this file (Credit2015Info.doc)2015 Credit River Race[2015 Credit River Race Details]39 kB
Download this file (Downriver  Race Schedule  2015-revised.doc)2015 Downriver Race Schedule[2015 Dowriver Race Schedule]27 kB
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