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The sport of whitewater is unique in that it appeals to a broad audience for river running, playboating and competition.  Canoe Ontario, the governing body for competitive sports in Ontario recognizes the following disciplines.


Slalom - Olympic discipline in whitewater Kayak and Canoe. Course of 18-20 gates are strung across a 600m-1000m rapid on wires.  Red gates (of which there are 6 per course) are upstream gates, to be negotiated against the current, Green gates are downstream.  Touching a pole results in a 2 second penalty.  Races are best of two Qualifying runs, time and penalties added together.  Top 20 advance to Semi Finals, Top 10 advance to the Finals.  Boats are 3.5ms in length, designed to be fast in a straight line as well as able to turn. Categories in Cadet (14 and under), Junior (18 and under), Senior, Masters: 


  • K-1Men
  • K-1Women


  • C-1Men
  • C-1Women
  • C-2Men

To get involved in Slalom, best is to join your local club or contact the Ontario Head Coach, James Cartwright, Ottawa.

Downriver - Fastest time downstream from start to finish of a 2 - 10km stretch of whitewater.  Boats are designed for speed, longer, with a v-shaped hull.

Events happen mainly in the Springtime as natural flows occur on our rivers.

 contact Harold Van Winssen [  ]


Freestyle - The Playboating side of whitewater paddling, location chosen around a retentive river feature, that allows paddlers to perform manoeuvres that accummulate points.  Boats are short and designed for spinning, turning and aerial moves. Categories in Junior, Senior, Masters:

  • K-1Men
  • K-1Women
  • C-1
  • Open Canoe Solo Men
  • Open Canoe Solo Women


Open Canoe -  Our traditional canoe has been outfitted with floatation, knee-pads and thigh straps; shortened and designed for rocker and manoeuvrability.  Both Tandem and Solo canoes join whitewater kayaks in playing rapids, as well as competing in Slalom events.  Same rules as slalom described above.  Categories:  in Junior, Adult, Masters.

  • Solo Men
  • Solo Women
  • Tandem Mixed
  • Tandem Men
  • Tandem Women


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