Whitewater Ontario has, for the exclusive use of its member clubs and individual WO members, the free loan of whitewater boats. The "fleet" is under the administration of the Minden Wild Water Preserve Committee and loans will be provided on the following basis:
  • The Minden Wild Water Preserve Boat Fleet (which consists of 20 boats) may be borrowed in any number combination during the non-paddling season (approx. November 1 thru to May 1). by Whitewater Ontario Affiliated Clubs and members. Generally, the purpose is to help new members get oriented to paddling through indoor winter pool sessions.
  • If available, boats may be loaned on a daily basis during the summer months but only for use within the MWW Preserve area (Gull River). WO and other sanctioned functions at the Preserve will receive priority at all times.
  • Priority will be given on a "First come, First serve" basis; duration of loan period to be negotiated however, remaining at the discretion of the MWWP. Duration of loan to be determined in advance of pick up or delivery of gear.
  • There will be no cost for the usage, however a mileage fee for delivery will apply if the borrower cannot or does not pick up and return boats independently.
  • A deposit, (paid in cash upon receipt of gear or by credit card via office) of $50.00 per boat kit up to but not exceeding $250.00 (for multiple boats) will be held. To be returned if all gear is returned in good order on or before the agreed end date of loan period.
  • Damaged, lost or stolen gear will be replaced with equivalent or better items or cash remuneration at current market value. Deposit will be held until damaged, lost or stolen gear is dealt with.
  • Borrowers may select specific boats to meet specific needs however availability of more desirable boats may be reduced by greater demand. Substitutes may be made at MWWP and or WO discretion under certain circumstances.
  • Transfer of loaned gear (club to club or similar) will occur under the supervision of a MWWP committee member or appointed representative. Failure to follow this guideline also results in lost deposit.
  • No boats or equipment will be released unless a 'boat rental agreement' has first been completed.

Request for boat loans are to be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whitewater Ontario - Privacy Statement

Personal information collected by Whitewater Ontario is used to provide services to our members. These services require administrative responsibilites such as documentation of insured events and instructor registration. Private information is never given to anyone by Whitewater Ontario for other reasons.

People registering for a Whitewater Ontario course or who have taken part in an insured event may receive membership information from Whitewater Ontario in the next calendar year.

Every effort is made to provide security for any online information. All emails are javascript cloaked to minimize the chance of being harvested for spam lists. If your information is on www.whitewaterontario.ca and you would like it changed or removed, please contact the webmaster  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Template entry form and waiver

Attached is a template of an event entry form and waiver that can be adapted to your needs.

Club Insurance Application Form

Attached is the Whitewater Ontario Club Insurance Program application form and agreement.






What is a “ sanctioned event/activity?”

A sanctioned event/activity means that the event is formally recognized and acknowledged by WO. The activities to be included in the event for sanctioning purposes are exclusively those described within the terms of WO (Canoe Ontario) insurance policy. This includes normal whitewater paddling activities such as supervised river runs, instruction and coached activities on whitewater and flat-water venues, and competitions (including slalom, downriver and freestyle).


his agreement defines the duties and responsibilities of a Whitewater Ontario (WO) Club and its sanctioned activities and events. It must be approved and signed by Club Director(s) and submitted to the WO executive through the Club before sanctioning may be approved. A WO sanction, once granted, is made conditional on all duties and responsibilities in this agreement being fulfilled by the responsible event(s) organizer and / or Club Directors.


1. WO agrees to the following:

To provide the event organizer and/or Club Directors with up-to-date copies of the WO Safety Policy at the beginning of the year.

To keep the event organizer(s) and/or Club Directors informed of any changes in WO Policies and to act as an advisor to the Clubs events regarding organization in general.

Where requested, to acquire an insurance certificate for specific events when required by 3rd parties from the WO insurer and provide this to the event organizer.

2. The Club Event Organizer agrees to the following:

To ensure that the applicant / Club organization is a member of WO and has remitted the club fee together with fees for all members.

To oversee the club’s paddling events for the season including river runs, park and play events, pool sessions and paddling instruction administered through the club.

To conduct the paddling event with due attention to the safety of all participants and river leaders in conformance with the WO Safety Policy.

To pay the applicable event organizer’s sanctioning fee (if required).

To submit a summary of all of the season’s events including the location, difficulty level, and expected number of leaders and instructors for the event in sufficient time for the schedule to be reviewed and approved by WO’s sanctioning committee before the insurance policy begins (April 1st each year).

The event summary may include a thorough description of local rivers that are not runnable on a regular basis (i.e. that can’t be scheduled in advance without considerable uncertainty). A thorough river description must include but is not limited to the difficulty level(s) at the gauge reading(s) corresponding to ‘runnable’ levels, any unique hazards or features, and an emergency response plan. Trips on these rivers are ‘sanctionable’ at the discretion of the member club’s executive and are only sanctionable if they meet all of the other requirements for sanctioning listed in this document including but not limited to conformance with the WO safety policy and the required ratio of river leaders to paddlers.

Additional club events outside the scope of those submitted, or events submitted after April 1 will only be insured once they have been approved and are formally sanctioned by WO.

To submit a list to WO of all of the club’s designated ‘river leaders’ along with their paddling experience and any related training. The list should include details like the approximate number of river days per year, years paddling, and rivers paddled and at what levels, as well as any relevant certifications or qualifications such as CPR/First Aid, Whitewater rescue, or Paddling instruction certifications. Note: Any amendments to the list of designated river leaders or their qualifications may be made on a quarterly basis.

To ensure that all designated club ‘river leaders’ have a thorough knowledge of the WO safety policy and are competent in general whitewater safety.

Prepare and require all members/participants to sign a release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement. This agreement should explicitly identify Whitewater Ontario together with the club in the release.

To ensure that all participants are members of WO either through current Club or another WO Club or an equivalent sport governing body in another jurisdiction that offers out of province/state insurance.

To submit to WO a “day of event” affiliate insurance fee in the amount of $5.00 and an event-specific waiver for each paddler who is not a member of WO or other Canoe-Kayak Ontario affiliate organization, (Ontario Sprint Canoe Racing Association or Whitewater Ontario) or other recognized sport governing body

For new participants in one-time tryout/introductory activities, clubs may’ at their discretion’ waive the day of event fee, but must have all participants sign a club waiver.

Ensure that there are a sufficient number of designated river leaders at each event, as appropriate for the level of difficulty and abilities of participants. WO recommends that the ratio of river leaders to participants does not exceed 1:8

WO will not release any personal information for any external use.

This agreement is valid only for the year (April 1st to March 31st) paddling season and must be renewed yearly and accompanied with an Event Plan, or in case of ongoing instruction and coaching programs the annual summary plan.

3. Confirmation

Before any WO sanction will be granted this agreement must be completed, signed, and delivered to the Whitewater Ontario office: 411 carnegie Beach Road Port Perry, ON L9L 1B6. A copy for review can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club Name: ___________________________________________________________

Paddling Season (Year): 2011 (WO sanctioned events cover April 1st to March 31st)

Club Directors Name(s) and Title:

(add lines as required)__________________________________________________


Club Contact Information: Ph._____________________ Email ____________________

On behalf of (club name) _______________________I certify that:
We will undertake al activities in compliance with this sanctioning agreement
We have read and acknowledge the WO Risk Management and Saftey Policy and will unddertake all activity with due regard to the safety of all participants and any 3rd parties that may be impacted.
________________________ __________________________ ______________
Authorized Director Name Signature Date

The club event organizer must complete an event summary for all of the Club’s events for the upcoming paddling season that includes all of the information listed below for each event:

Event and Registration Details

For recurring activities list frequency (e.g. intro night each 2nd Wednesday)

Event Name: _______________________________ Date(s): ________

Event Location: _________________________________

Event Organizer/leader: _________________________________

Event Details (Number of paddlers, trip leaders, river difficulty, etc.): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Event Name: __________________________________ Date(s): ___________________

Event Location: _________________________________________________________

Event Organizer: _________________________________________________________

Event Details: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(add sections/events as required)



List all instructors/trip leaders recognized by Club and qualified to lead/instruct

Trip Leader Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Contact: Ph.______________ Email. ______________

Years Paddling: ___________ Leader up to What Whitewater Class _____________

Certification & Experience: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Trip Leader Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Contact: Ph.______________ Email. ______________

Years Paddling: ___________ Leader up to What Whitewater Class _____________

Certification & Experience: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


(add sections/events as required)

For reference only in completing list of activities and experience: International Scale of River Difficulty

The event will take place on a section of whitewater including the following International Scale of River Difficulty classification (note highest level on the course)

Class 1: Very small rough areas, requires no maneuvering. (Skill Level: None)

Class 2: Some rough water, maybe some rocks, small drops, might require maneuvering. (Skill Level: Basic Paddling Skill)

Class 3: Whitewater, medium waves, may be a 3-5 ft drop, but not much considerable danger. May require significant maneuvering. (Skill Level: Experienced paddling skills)

Class 4: Whitewater, large waves, rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp maneuvers may be needed. (Skill Level: Whitewater Experience)

Level 5 events are eligible for specific sanctioning through WO but only those participants with the appropriate skills and explicit consent of a river leader participating in an event are permitted to paddle Class 5 rapids.

Class 5: Whitewater, large waves, large rocks and hazards, maybe a large drop, precise maneuvering (Skill Level: Advanced Whitewater Experience)

Events above level 5 are not eligible for sanctioning unless special arrangements are negotiated with insurer.

Class 6: Whitewater, typically with huge waves, huge rocks and hazards, huge drops, but sometimes labeled this way due to largely invisible dangers (e.g. a smooth slide that creates a near-perfect, almost inescapable hydraulic). Class 6 rapids are considered hazardous even for expert paddlers using state-of-the-art equipment, and come with the warning "danger to life or limb." (Skill Level: Expert)


Note: this policy is intended BOTH as a general guide to clubs and organizations supporting whitewater activities and as a specific requirement for WO sanctioned events. Identified policies are Mandatory for WO sanctioned events; they are recommended in all other events


  1. A lifejacket or personal floatation device (PFD) meeting either ICF or Federal government standards must be worn by all competitors/participants in a kayak or canoe while on moving water.

  2. On moving water a helmet meeting either ICF or Federal government standards must be worn by all competitors/participants in a kayak or canoe.

  3. It is recommended that all competitors/participants be able to swim, tread water, or be familiar with drown proofing.

  4. It is recommended that all paddlers have suitable floatation in their boats


An “event” includes competitions (Slalom, Downriver and Freestyle) river runs (with a certified trip leader), training and instructional activities (with instructor/coach) and other activities formally sanctioned by from time to time by WO.

Note: this policy is written in reference to river trips, but is applicable to other events at specific sites.

  1. All participants must wear a PFD and Helmet (as in A1 above);

  2. Either a coach/instructor (on shore) or the trip/event leader on a river run must carry a throw rope and be competent in the use of safety throw ropes

  3. Event organizers will ensure that safety throw ropes and competent users are located at appropriate locations involving drops and holes where swimmers are potentially in danger.

  4. On river runs trip leaders must wear a safety boat harness tow system and carry a safety throw rope. It is also strongly recommended that all participating paddlers also carry a safety throw rope (and trip leaders should verify that participants are competent in use of throw ropes)

  5. In order to comply with Canadian Coast Guard regulations (April 1, 1999), all canoes and kayaks must carry a sound signaling device (whistle).

  6. Trip/event leaders should be experienced paddlers. It is recommended that leaders complete a swift water rescue course or WO trip leader certification.

  7. An emergency action plan (EAP) must be created prior to the intended River Trip/activity by Trip Leader and discussed with other Leaders or participants before paddling commences. The EAP consists of appointing an "in charge" person to make decisions in the event of an emergency. Routes to the site for access by the various outside medical assistance should be described in the EAP outline.

  8. The EAP outline must be kept in either a vehicle at the takeout or put in or on the Trip/event Leader throughout the day.

  9. The Trip/event Leader should discuss the potential hazardous of the river trip prior with any paddling participants. Depending on participants skill level unfamiliar rapids at level III and higher should be scouted from shore. Trip/event Leader should also ensure safety of participants by respecting there skill level and plan river trip around the weakest paddler.

  10. Trip Leader or experienced paddler with in the group should have prior knowledge of the river prior to leading a River Trip.

  11. The Trip/event Leader or designate should ensure that they use common safety practices while running the river, including Head counts, Sweeper boats, buddy system, etc.

  12. Trip/event Leaders must ensure that they have a First Aid Kit available on river trips and/or in shuttle vehicle

C. General Recommendations

  1. All trip/event leaders must be familiar with, and enforce, this WO Safety Policy.

  2. Before leading a river trip/event the Leader shall familiarize him/herself with the water conditions, river levels and be aware of any potential hazards or obstacles that they may be encountered.

  3. Event and trip leaders are responsible for inspection of canoeing/kayaking equipment to ensure it is safe and that it is appropriate for the participants and conditions at the site or on the river to be run.

  4. It is recommended that event and trip leaders be trained in First Aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), water safety and life saving.

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