2011-09-14 Board Meeting Minutes

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Present: Jim Tayler, Donna Boadway, Steve Pomeroy,  Peter Farr, John Slot, Laura Duncan, Brad Statham.


Regrets:  Claudia Van Wijk, Stephanie Reeder, Leah Kindree, Holly Blefgen, Wayne Donison, Jim Smedley


Meeting convened at 7:15pm:


1.                  Welcome – Jim Tayler: Even though there have been mainly regrets, we will go ahead with the meeting and discussions regarding the key issues that were previously circulated to the Board. Thank you to Donna for the preparation of such comprehensive meeting minutes.


Motion to accept the meeting minutes from June 6th, 2011:

Moved by John Slot,   Seconded by Laura Duncan  Motion carried.


2.                  RFP (Request for Proposal) – John Slot: We are close to concluding our two-year pilot project at the Gull and are ready now to re-visit the program and begin a process to continue to the next stage. John circulated a draft RFP (4 pages) to the Board prior to this teleconference. The RFP document is intended to be comprehensive and exclusionary. The committee was comprised of John Slot, Leah Kindree and Russ Lackey. Leah prepared an outline of the basic content, Russ submitted important bullet points and John amalgamated the two versions to produce a single document. The issue and submission closing dates as well as the length of the terms of agreement, must be determined by the Board. We will use the office as the central point for information dissemination, questions and submission receipts. John proceeded to outline the document format and contents. (This document will be available on the WO website once approved). Applicants must be WO commercial members and have demonstrated the ability to run a successful paddling school.  Both the proponent and the landlord (WO) requirements are outlined in the document. The proponent remains an independent contractor with a clear distinction of responsibilities and must not interfere with other activities on the river. They must also be willing to be present on a full-time basis. AOB showed tremendous support for WO functions. The full-time presence of a paddling school on the property was a huge success. AOB provided a summary of the last two years along with accolades received indicating the success of the pilot project. The MWWP is alive with activity and people have taken notice of this. WO will maintain the management function for the Preserve. There will be a link to the RFP document on the WO website along with a press release to inform the membership that the RFP document is “up” on the website. We want this process to be fair and transparent. The document link will be on the website by Sept.19.11 and the submission deadline is to be October 31st, 2011. The length of term will be two-years with the option of renewal based on compliance with pre-determined criteria.


Motion to accept the Request for Proposal as drafted.

Moved by Steve Pomeroy,   Seconded by Laura Duncan     Motion carried.


John wishes to thank Russ and Leah for their contributions. A committee comprised of Steve Pomeroy, John Slot and Russ Duhaime will be charged with the development of the evaluation criteria for this process. The criteria will then be presented to the Board.


Jim thanked the committee for a terrific job. The last two years has been a great success and it speaks for itself.


3.                  Quest for Gold – Steve Pomeroy:  Canoe/Kayak Ontario has a total of 20 athlete cards available of which 4 are allocated to whitewater slalom. This program is a funding mechanism for Olympic and Canada Games athletes who do not receive Canada funding, in order to obtain support for training and competition activities. WO follows the national ranking order. The new Quest for Gold criteria has been posted on the WO website. WO splits it’s cards into half-cards awarding the top 4 male and 4 female athletes based on the national ranking system.(CKC).


Motion to accept the Quest for Gold criteria as posted on the WO website:

Moved by Steve Pomeroy,   Seconded by John Slot    Motion carried.


4.                  Budget Update – Steve: WO is in good shape both cash-flow wise and financially in general. The CKO grant will be forthcoming.


5.                  AGM and GRS date and format – Jim Tayler: We are considering separating the WO AGM from the CKO AGM as our meeting is held in the morning and we are generally rushed in order to finish prior to the CKO meeting in the early afternoon. We need to do what is best for WO. October 22nd, 2011 is now set for the WO AGM with the Gull River Summit to follow in the afternoon. The location is Minden. The new board that will be determined at the AGM in the morning, will then have the opportunity to prioritize, set committees and discuss at the GRS portion in the afternoon. Official meeting notice will go out to the membership shortly.


6.                  Reimbursement Policy – John Slot: A draft WO expense reimbursement policy was circulated to the Board prior to this meeting. This included expenses for Board and committee members who are on official WO sanctioned business to help offset travel expenses. It has been decided to reimburse travel at a rate of $0.15 per km. Although this is not much, it is hoped to be a fair and balanced offer of support that WO can financially handle. Each expense claim is to go through the committee chair and then forwarded to Donna for processing. Electronic receipts and claims are preferred. Laura has programmed a fillable pdf expense claim form.


Motion to accept the reimbursement policy as proposed by John Slot.

Moved by Steve Pomeroy,  Seconded by Brad Statham   Motion carried.

7. Committee Reports:

Membership – Brad Statham: Brad and Donna have met and are doing some work on the membership database “wish list”. Brad and Peter will be working on the development of the electronic membership and camp pass cards and welcome letters, as well as additional reporting functions of the database.


Advocacy – Laura Duncan:  The committee is carrying on with the various projects that it has been involved with over the season. We are involved with the Cambridge project and have been in contact with Quebec Whitewater regarding additional projects. Gary George has been instrumental in securing signage for the Salmon River. This will be available for next spring. The committee has applied for an MEC grant for next years’ activities including seed money for a fundraising event specifically for advocacy projects.


Communications – Peter Farr: Donna has been doing all the website work this summer. WO is looking for additional help in the communications area.


KOC (Clubs) – John Slot: The event on Labour Day weekend (Saturday) was very successful event though the numbers were down. Several clubs chose to attend an event in up state New York. We “mixed” up the events this year and fun was had by all. Results are on the website. We might consider changing the event day as Labour Day weekend always tends to be busy. The committee will be soliciting input from the clubs in order to determine a more applicable date. Note: The Petawawa River Rats chose to become full members of WO this year instead of just paying the KOC “day participant” fee.


Preserve – John Slot: The MWWP committee is developing a partnership agreement with Derek Little, who teaches a forestry class. The partnership includes the provision of firewood. His forestry class will do the “hard” work for us and they are fully insured. As payment we may consider offering a day on the river for his students. It has been determined that the take out area below the Otter Slide, actually belongs to the town. We are soliciting support from them in order to rebuild the eroding site. Repairs are necessary. All the wood has been ordered and stained and is ready for the assembly of about 8-10 new picnic tables. A question has been brought forward regarding the TODS signs for the Preserve ? Our cheque was cashed by Canadian TODS in June but we still do not have our signs up on Hwy 35. Jon McPhee will be following up with TODS. We will be soliciting a credit for this year’s TODS signs fee seeing as we do not have the signs. This year we have had many day users at the Preserve. We are encouraging them to make a $2.00 donation to help cover our costs. We have had several groups in there as well like a commercial private camp group which uses our property to stage their day’s events. They should be made to pay their way as they do use our facilities. A bear has been sited on the property this year and applicable signage must be made to notify campers to be cautious. We had many campers over the weekend of the Open Boaters races. This would be a good time to host a membership drive so we should think about this for next year’s race. We worked well with Mark Scriver and the open boater folks. They had to pay a $4000.00 fee for a water release. We must figure out a way to approach politicians about this “high cost” situation.


Pan Am Update 2015 – the Toronto Pan Am committee wants a meeting on the site (MWWP) to do a review of the venue. This is to happen on September 30th, 2011. Attending will be Claudia, John Hastings, John Slot and possibly Holly Blefgen. They wish to discuss the venue relative to the proposals that we submitted for infrastructure such as parking, building etc.


Other: Laura (WO) and Neil Ross-Ross (AOB) are submitting an RFP to host team trials. We find out on October 11th.



8:         The next teleconference date is to be determined. We should have another conference prior to the AGM. A WO Update will be sent out by the end of next week. The RFP will be included in this update.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.


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