2015 AGM Meeting Package

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Dear WO members:

Please be advised that Whitewater Ontario will be having its 2015 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa on Saturday, November 14th starting at 10:30a.m.

However, the WO Board has agreed to facilitate the involvement of our membership in the AGM by possibly hosting the meeting at two sites which will be connected electronically. This will reduce expenses, travel time, and open possibilities to engage our membership in a new and creative way. It is possible that additional sites may be available again to reduce the amount of travel and to encourage participation.

Plans are underway to facilitate membership involvement, procedural protocols, and the important process of the board election at the AGM. Further details will be forwarded in a timely manner.

At the AGM our membership will be asked to approve proposed changes to our governance model as detailed in a separate email. If approved the Board will consist of the following positions:

Proposed Model of WO Governance:

Executive Committee


Vice President


Director Representative (appointed by Board)

Secretary (ex officio)



Director of the MWWP

Director of Advocacy

Director of Communications

Director of Competition

Director of Recreation

Director of Instruction



Non-Voting Members-at-Large

Member at-Large




These proposed constitutional adjustments have been reviewed and are supported by the WO Board.

Again, watch for further details about the nomination process for Board positions and information about our proposed satellite locations. I encourage all members to consider stepping forward and being an active member of the 2015-16 WO Board.


Jim Tayler


Download this file (2015 MWWP ANNUAL REPORT.doc)2015 MWWP Annual Report[2015 MWWP Annual Report]20 kB
Download this file (Advocacy2015Report.pdf)2015 Advocacy Annual Report[2015 Advocacy Annual Report]8 kB
Download this file (AGM Minutes 2014-MINUTES.doc)2014 WO AGM Minutes[Minutes from the WO AGM 2014]59 kB
Download this file (AGM.Agenda.15.pdf)2015 WO AGM Meeting Agenda[2015 WO AGM Meeting Agenda]225 kB
Download this file (CKO Governance Report - Summary.pdf)CKO Governance Report - Summary[Summary Report of the CKO Proposed Governance Model]1263 kB
Download this file (CKO Governance Review-Proposed Governance Model.doc)CKO Governance Review - Proposed Governance Model 2015[Proposed CKO Governance Model 2015]30 kB
Download this file (Membership 2015-Nov.5.15.pdf)2015 WO Membership Report at Nov.5.15[WO Membership report at Nov.5.15 ]41 kB
Download this file (President's Report 2015.doc)2015 President's Report[2015 Report from the President]31 kB
Download this file (Proposed WO Constitutional Revisions 2015.doc)Proposed WO Constituional Revisions 2015[Proposed Amendments to WO Constitution 2015]32 kB
Download this file (Slalom Manager 2015.doc)2015 Slalom Team Manager Report[2015 Report from the Slalom Team Manager]27 kB
Download this file (WO Profit and Loss Oct.31.15.pdf)2015 Financial Report - Profit and Loss at October 31, 2015[Profit and Loss Statement from January 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015]42 kB
Download this file (WO Treasurer Report 2015.doc)2015 Financial Report - Treasurer's Report[2015 WO Treasurer's Report as at Oct.31.15]26 kB
Download this file (WOConstitution_Oct172012.pdf)WO Constitution October 17, 2012[Current WO Constitution document]92 kB
Download this file (WOEXECHandbook_Oct172012.pdf)WO Executive Handbook October 17, 2012[Current WO Executive Handbook document]102 kB
Download this file (WP Balance Sheet at Oct.31.15.pdf)2015 Financial Report - Balance Sheet[Balance Sheet as at October 31, 2015]40 kB
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