2014 AGM Meeting Package

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Whitewater Ontario is holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at

Kenner Collegiate

633 Monaghan Road

Peterborough, Ontario

Start time is 10:30am allowing for travelling time for those attending.

Reports will be attached to this package as they are received. We look forward to seeing you there.


Download this file (Advocacy2014Report.pdf)WO 2014 Advocacy Committee Annual Report[WO 2014 Advocacy Committee Annual Report]54 kB
Download this file (AGM Minutes 2013-Minutes.pdf)WO 2013 AGM Minutes[WO 2013 AGm Minutes]83 kB
Download this file (AGM.Agenda.14.pdf)WO 2014 AGm Agenda[Wo 2014 AGM Agenda]224 kB
Download this file (ANNUAL REPORT MWWP 2014-revised.pdf)WO 2014 MWWP Annual Report[Wo 2014 MWWP Annual Report]70 kB
Download this file (PanAmReport2014.pdf)WO 2014 Pan Am Annual Report[WO 2014 Pan Am Annual Report]319 kB
Download this file (president report.doc)WO 2014 President's Report[WO 2014 President's Report]31 kB
Download this file (SlalomManagerReport2014.pdf)WO 2014 Slalom Team Manger Annual Report[WO 2014 Slalom Team Manager Annual Report]317 kB
Download this file (WO 2014 Financial Report.pdf)WO 2014 Financal Report[WO 2014 Financial Report]2783 kB
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