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Whitewater Ontario has, for the exclusive use of its member clubs and individual WO members, the free loan of whitewater boats. The "fleet" is under the administration of the Minden Wild Water Preserve Committee and loans will be provided on the following basis:
  • The Minden Wild Water Preserve Boat Fleet (which consists of 20 boats) may be borrowed in any number combination during the non-paddling season (approx. November 1 thru to May 1). by Whitewater Ontario Affiliated Clubs and members. Generally, the purpose is to help new members get oriented to paddling through indoor winter pool sessions.
  • If available, boats may be loaned on a daily basis during the summer months but only for use within the MWW Preserve area (Gull River). WO and other sanctioned functions at the Preserve will receive priority at all times.
  • Priority will be given on a "First come, First serve" basis; duration of loan period to be negotiated however, remaining at the discretion of the MWWP. Duration of loan to be determined in advance of pick up or delivery of gear.
  • There will be no cost for the usage, however a mileage fee for delivery will apply if the borrower cannot or does not pick up and return boats independently.
  • A deposit, (paid in cash upon receipt of gear or by credit card via office) of $50.00 per boat kit up to but not exceeding $250.00 (for multiple boats) will be held. To be returned if all gear is returned in good order on or before the agreed end date of loan period.
  • Damaged, lost or stolen gear will be replaced with equivalent or better items or cash remuneration at current market value. Deposit will be held until damaged, lost or stolen gear is dealt with.
  • Borrowers may select specific boats to meet specific needs however availability of more desirable boats may be reduced by greater demand. Substitutes may be made at MWWP and or WO discretion under certain circumstances.
  • Transfer of loaned gear (club to club or similar) will occur under the supervision of a MWWP committee member or appointed representative. Failure to follow this guideline also results in lost deposit.
  • No boats or equipment will be released unless a 'boat rental agreement' has first been completed.

Request for boat loans are to be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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